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The Best of the 2016 Olympic Advertising : Brazil Tops the FeelMore50 Medal Table

5 Aug

With its global audience, the Olympics provide one of the largest marketing platforms in the world, reaching billions of consumers – therefore making it crucial for brands to bring their A-game to the advertising space. The Games are a great branding and advertising opportunity – but on the eve of the 2016 games, which advertisements have made the most of it?

We tested over 40 Olympic-themed adverts in markets across the world, ranking the Top 10, and looking for the ones that made audiences feel the most. Because if you feel more, you buy more, and the Olympics are no exception.

Of the ads we tested, the top three – gold, silver and bronze – all go to ads tested among Brazilian audiences. Excitement among Brazilian fans is high for the games, and these three global brands, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and P&G, have found ways of tapping that. What is the secret of their success?

Photo Credit: Célia Regina Satiko Nishio

Photo Credit: Célia Regina Satiko Nishio

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